Elite Development is a privately owned, California based real estate development company, focused on developments within the state. Our investment approach is centered on a core vision for recognizing opportunities for capital gain through development/re development and master planning. Our mission is to create residential, multifamily, commercial, mixed use developments that, simultaneously, provide positive impacts to the community. Elite employs a full-spectrum development and construction management approach to all projects.  

Jagjit Tut
Jagjit attended the University of Denver and graduated with a degree in Real Estate Construction Management from Daniels College of Business is 2006. After graduating, he worked for a family owned commercial real estate company in Denver, CO. After some time Jagjit made the decision to move back to Watsonville in August 2007 and help with the family trucking and farming business applying the knowledge he gained in Denver.

Harjit Tut
Inspired by his brother, Harjit also attended the University of Denver and earned his degree in Real Estate Construction Management 2009. After graduating, he also decided to make the transition back to Watsonville to assist with the family business.

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